An All-Natural Alternative to Dog Arthritis Medication!

Provide faster pain relief for dogs with arthritis! Give your dog the clinical-strength VetSmart System and benefit from the “Power of Two” that combines a clean, safe, Green-Lipped Mussel and MSM formula with Probiotic Enhanced Absorption.

The-Power-Of-Two-HeroVetSmart offers two unique products that can be combined for maximum results! The Advanced Hip + Joint Complex and the Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer (the VetSmart System) work together as a treatment for dog arthritis to help relieve inflammation, pain, and lack of mobility associated with joint problems in dogs. By combining two veterinary-strength products in a synergistic approach, we can help relieve joint pain and restore that “puppy playfulness” that might be a distant memory. For younger dogs, our products will maintain solid, healthy, and lubricated joints to prevent future joint problems.

Advanced Hip & Joint Complex

This Green-Lipped Mussel formula delivers high potency joint support with essential fatty acids, phospholipids, and other compounds. It’s natural, very clean, and safe to use in conjunction with your dog’s medications or treatment for dog arthritis.

  • Green-Lipped Mussel from the clean waters of New Zealand reduces inflammation 100 times better than traditional fish oils according to clinical studies
  • Supports pain-free movement from natural MSM needed for cartilage and joint lubrication
  • Boosts joint fluidity with Glucosamine support
  • Restores healthy cartilage with Chondroitin
  • Natural pain relief for arthritis derived from sea cucumber
  • Protects with extra Vitamin E and C antioxidants

Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer

This powerful probiotic, designed for specifically for dogs, provides the good bacteria needed for a healthy gut. When used with the joint supplement as part of your treatment for dog arthritis, this combination works together to maximize nutrient absorption so the cells of your pet’s entire body remain happy and healthy.

  • One of the best probiotics on the market with 15 Billion active cultures! Compare to all the others and see for yourself!
  • Promotes cellular absorption of the joint supplement for more effective results
  • Provides good bacteria needed for a healthy gut
  • Restores nutritional balance blocked by food additives
  • Re-stabilizes an unhealthy gut by replacing fundamental acids needed for digestion
  • Attacks inflammation from commercial dog foods, medications, and other sources


VetSmart Formulas has over 200% more Glucosamine and over 150% more MSM than Dasuquin™ with MSM formula!

Veterinary Strength

Veterinarians typically sell products that are stronger and more effective than what you might find in a retail pet store. The products are better formulated and they contain more of the powerful “active ingredients” that are so helpful in delivering the benefits for dogs with arthritis. VetSmart Formulas are specifically developed for veterinarians and we are proud to call them “Veterinary Strength.” Our products meet the most demanding standards required by veterinarians and we conveniently deliver these products directly to you. Our products are not available in retail stores. They are made in the U.S.A., they contain no artificial colors or fillers, and are wheat and gluten-free.

Advanced Hip & Joint Complex with MSM

Our Advanced Hip + Joint Complex is designed to support healthy joints and mobility. It contains a unique all-natural ingredient — Green-Lipped Mussel — found in the pure, clean waters of New Zealand. Most people know that Omega-3 Fatty Acids are essential nutrients that deliver many benefits to both humans and pets, including anti-inflammatory and joint-protecting properties. Research has proven that Green-Lipped Mussels contain more than 30 different fatty acids working synergistically to reduce inflammation 100 times better than traditional omegas and fish oils. This powerful nutrient reduces degenerative disorders such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease. To enhance these benefits and protect joint cells, our Advanced Joint + Hip Complex also includes MSM, Glucosamine, Vitamins C and E, and Sea Cucumber.

Green-Lipped Mussel from the Clean Waters of New Zealand

The Green-Lipped Mussel, also known by its scientific name perna canaliculus, is native to New Zealand and is generally found below the low tide line on the shores of New Zealand. In the 1990’s, clinical studies verified that the oil from Green-Lipped Mussels is a highly effective anti-inflammatory for relieving symptoms of arthritis. The mussels are harvested from licensed marine farms, and processed by “cold opening” instead of heat processing so that the important nutrients in the mussels are preserved.

GLM-PhotoWhat Makes Green-Lipped Mussel Such a Powerful Ingredient?

Green-Lipped Mussels eat one-celled organisms called plankton. They filter the plankton from the water and absorb it into their bodies. It is interesting to note that because of the hole in the ozone layer in the stratosphere, the animal life found in New Zealand have very elevated levels of natural anti-oxidants. The Green-Lipped Mussels collect these elevated levels of anti-oxidants from the sea plankton and provide one of the most potent sources of anti-oxidant rich omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are some of the best natural and effective anti-inflammatory agents available.

In fact, studies compared lipid oil extract of Green-Lipped Mussels to other oils and it was:

  • 350 times more potent than evening primrose oil
  • 350 times more potent than salmon oil
  • 400 times more potent than flaxseed oil

What does this mean? It means that the lipid oil extract of Green-Lipped Mussels is one of the most effective agents for reducing arthritis symptoms and inflammation.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Healthier Skin
  • Improved Circulatory System
  • Stronger Bones and Teeth
  • Supports an overall healthy immune system

We Include MSM in Our Formula.

Methylsulfonylmethane is also known as MSM. This naturally occurring element contains a sulfur compound in a form your dog’s body can readily use to help build joints and cartilage. MSM is essential for many bodily functions, and yet MSM is found in such small amounts in foods, so adding MSM to your dog’s diet via supplements is critical. MSM helps maintain cell membrane permeability and regeneration to promote flexibility and elasticity of body tissue. It also is beneficial in building nerve tissue, hair, skin, and nails. Research shows that MSM is safe and effective in promoting joint comfort as well as supporting a normal range of motion and responses in animals.

What Does Glucosamine Sulfate Do?

Glucosamine Sulfate is a popular derivative of glucosamine, which has been proven very effective in fighting arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, disc degeneration, and hip dysplasia in dogs. Glucosamine is a 2-amino derivative of glucose, which is obtained through the hydrolysis of chitin, a polysaccharide found in the shell of crustaceans. Crustaceans have a very high concentration of chitin and they are efficient sources of Glucosamine. Clinical trials have shown that Glucosamine Sulfate delivers the best results in treating arthritis in dogs, when compared to other Glucosamine forms. Glucosamine Sulfate can also be used as preventative treatment for many joint conditions.

What is Sea Cucumber?

Sea Cucumbers are marine animals (echinoderm) related to the starfish and sea urchins. They are an excellent source of chondroitin sulfate and have long been used to support joint mobility and joint tissue maintenance. We include Sea Cucumber as a purified powder in each tablet. Sea Cucumbers also have a potent anti-inflammatory effect, which may help alleviate pain in dogs with arthritis. According to a study published in 2008 in the American College of Rheumatology, patients with rheumatoid arthritis usually have high concentrations of certain lipids know as prostaglandins, and Sea Cucumber helps regulate the balance of prostaglandins.

Vitamins C and E

Vitamin C is routinely prescribed by veterinarians. It plays an important role in maintaining the health of collagen, and it appears to be especially helpful for slowing and possibly reversing degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, and spinal disorders. Dogs of all ages can benefit from Vitamin C, and as dogs get older, they become less proficient in producing their own supply of Vitamin C, so supplementation is recommended.

According to veterinarians, there are several advantages to giving Vitamin E to dogs. These include improving the texture of the dog’s coat and skin, promoting a healthy heart, and supporting the dog’s immune system. Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory benefits, so giving a dog Vitamin E can be a good way to reduce the painful symptoms of arthritis.

Advanced Hip & Joint Complex Product Facts:


Directions For Use:

  • 1/2 tablet twice daily or one tablet daily for dogs weighing 1-10 lbs
  • 1 tablet twice daily for dogs weighing 11-30 lbs
  • 2 tablets twice daily for dogs weighing 31-80 lbs
  • 3 tablets twice daily for dogs weighing 81-100 lbs
  • 3-4 tablets twice daily for dogs weighing 100+ lbs

Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer

This product is an important “booster” to the Advanced Hip + Joint Complex, and is the second component in the VetSmart System.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive tract and have been used for centuries to maintain a healthy intestinal tract. The term probiotics originates from the Greek word that means “for life.” When ingested, these living microorganisms replenish the microflora in your pet’s intestinal tract. This results in the promotion of a number of health-enhancing functions, including enhanced digestive function.

All dogs can benefit from probiotics, which aid digestion, modulate the immune system, inhibit the growth and activity of harmful bacteria, treat diarrhea, irritable bowel and intestinal inflammation, prevent urinary tract infections, reduce allergic reactions, and more.

The reality is that there are plenty of foods that contain natural probiotics. Foods such as yogurt, leeks, onions, bananas, sauerkraut, honey, and garlic all contain certain amounts of probiotics. However, most of these foods are not ideal for dogs. Quite the contrary! Onions and large quantities of garlic are dangerous and should be avoided. Most dogs will simply not eat sauerkraut, yogurt, or honey in enough quantity to get the probiotic benefits.

So, probiotics are good for your dog, but difficult to receive unless you add a probiotic supplement to your dog’s diet.

Vetsmart Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer

Why do we call it that? Simple. Our probiotic provides all the benefits of a high-quality veterinarian prescribed probiotic, but our product is also designed to enhance the absorption of nutrients, and specifically the nutrients found in the Vetsmart Hip + Joint Complex.

How? The heart of nutrient absorption lies within your dog’s gastrointestinal system and proper digestion. If you optimize digestion and remove the things that may be inhibiting absorption within the gastrointestinal system, your dog will reap more of the benefits from the supplements and nutrients they consume. That’s why the VetSmart System includes a high-quality probiotic we call the “Nutrient Enhancer!”

Warning: All Probiotics Are NOT The Same!

All probiotics are not the same, and one of the key aspects is the amount of live bacteria cultures in the product that provide the benefits. Most probiotic products contain 1 to 5 million active cultures. Unfortunately, this number is significantly reduced by environmental issues and by the live cultures passing through the acids in your dog’s stomach. Tests indicate that the active cultures that survive these two issues are as little as 10-50% of the claims made on the label. Here’s the challenge:

  • Most probiotic products are cheap and unstable, they lose their potency quickly when the active cultures expire, and they never make it to your dog’s stomach. If you think you are giving your dog 5 million active cultures, think again since many of these cultures are not stable and will die off.
  • Read the labels. Many probiotics require refrigeration to keep the bacteria alive. Not only is this not practical, it makes shipping the product from the manufacturer to your home very difficult.
  • Your dog’s stomach acid and bile are very strong and require certain strains of bacteria in order to survive the journey to the intestines. Probiotics are host-specific, and probiotics made for humans will generally not work well, will be a waste of money, will deliver no benefit, and will possibly be harmful to your dog.

Why is the VetSmart Product Better?

Our Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer is specifically designed by veterinarians to deliver maximum potency and maximum benefits to your dog! Here are several reasons why.

  • The VetSmart Nutrient Enhancer contains more than 15 billion active cultures, as compared to most probiotics that contain 1 to 5 million. This ensures your dog will gain all the benefits necessary from the VetSmart System.
  • Our formulation experts selected the best strains of active bacteria cultures for your dog, taking into account canine body chemistry. The result is a proprietary blend of active bacteria strains sold exclusive by VetSmart Formulas.
  • Our cultures are microencapsulated to ensure that the beneficial active cultures are alive when your dog consumes them, and the cultures are designed to survive the journey through your dog’s stomach to it’s intestines.
  • Our product is shelf-stable and does not require refrigeration. It’s mildly flavored with natural beef liver, and you simply open the capsule and easily sprinkle the probiotic on your dog’s food.

In addition to all the benefits of probiotics, the real secret to our product is this: it’s designed to work within the cell structure to assist your dog in absorbing the Advanced Hip + Joint Complex, and deliver more effective and powerful benefits and results. That’s why we call our system the VetSmart System!

Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer Product Facts:


Directions For Use:

Open capsule and sprinkle on food. Discard empty capsule.

  • 1/2 capsule daily for dogs weighing 3-10 lbs
  • 1 capsule daily for dogs weighing 11-80 lbs
  • 2 capsules daily for dogs weighing 81+ lbs


Is the VetSmart System safe for my dog?

Yes, it is safe for your dog. It is all natural and it contains no artificial colors or ingredients, and it is designed to be well tolerated by your dog’s gastrointestinal system. It also works well with most other dog arthritis medications that your dog might be taking. As with all ingestible products, if you have any concerns we recommend consulting your pet health professional first.

What if my dog is taking pain medications or steroidal anti-inflammatory medications? Can I use the VetSmart System?

Many dogs take non-steroidal pain medications, steroid medications, and dog arthritis medicine. The good news is VetSmart Formulas Advanced Hip + Joint Complex and the Probiotic Nutrient Enhancer are designed to be safe and work with all of these product categories. In fact, our products are all natural and they can be safely and effectively used to wean your dog off potentially harmful medications such as NSAIDs and steroids. View our FAQ’s to learn more.


VetSmart products are all natural and contain no artificial ingredients or artificial colors. Our products are Gluten-Free, Wheat Free, and Soy Free! They are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards! 

We use the best manufacturers in the industry! Our products are made in FDA registered facilities which operate using current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Additionally, our manufacturers are third-party audited by Underwriter Labs. All the ingredients are inspected and tested before processing. This ensures we deliver consistently safe, high-quality products to you!

The Natural Solution Veterinarians Trust

VetSmart Formulas were originally designed for veterinarians. This means it delivers the clinical-strength quality and efficacy veterinarians demand in products they prescribe and recommend. It is wheat-free and contains no artificial colors or flavors. Even more, it’s safe for dogs with allergies and can be used along with most prescription medications. In fact, many prescription medications have harmful side-effects and you can use VetSmart Formulas to replace medications such as Rimadyl, Deramaxx, Metacam, Previcox and get the same great results!

Try VetSmart NOW with no risk!

In approximately 30 days your dog will have increased mobility and joint flexibility, and be in less pain.


We offer a 30-day money back guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied with our products, return the unused portion within 30-days of your initial order for a complete refund.