We are helping thousands of dogs every month! Check out what people are saying about VetSmart’s Advanced Hip & Joint Complex:

“I need to write a review somewhere regarding this product. I could cry. My 12 year old Bichon has transformed. He is happy again. He barely moved and just from his bedroom bed to his living room bed. Went potty but, at his own pace. Now he skips and gets excited, plays with our other dog, runs around the house. I mean its a true miracle! I just don’t want to post somewhere where anyone thinks this is fake. I will share my phone number and have videos of him playing like his young! I got my dog back and if anyone is hesitant please stop! DO it for your dog and get this product. I don’t understand how it does it and after seeing the results I don’t care. I have seen my dog happy and smiling again. I wish I knew about it earlier but, at least I know about it now and will not be without it. I stopped all other meds I was giving him for joints and pains. If I can’t convince you, buy it anyway. It changed our lives!”

– Lynnette C.

“This is amazing stuff! Just started my 10yr old Dobie with arthritis on it and she is so happy and feels so much better! She is the one on the right. Her name is Dani and we rescued her after she was hit by a car and left on the side of the road with a broken pelvis. She is 10 now and has arthritis from her accident. Your product had made an amazing difference for her! She is so much happier and moves so much better and seems less painful. Thank you!”

– Michele M.

“My girl Meika has definitely shown some more pep in her step at 8 years old. She is running around like a lunatic again and actually chasing the ball in the yard more than just once and then giving up! Glad we gave it a try and she eats the tabs with no problem. I’ve been giving her 2 tabs in AM and 2 in PM and that seems to be enough even at 100+ pounds!! Happy puppy.”

– Gail C.

“Update on vinny. He’s still got a little limp in his step, but definitely not like 2 weeks ago and off that dam gabapentin. Gonna double his dose. It works and he likes it, which helps. Very happy check him out he’s up.”

– Deena H.

“I had this ad pop up one night. My dog had ACL surgery and was taking Dasequin. I ordered this on a whim. It’s only been about 3 weeks but I swear I totally can see a difference!!! I crumble it on my dogs food and he doesn’t even notice it. Love it! It really is a great product and I’m very leary of trying things from pop up ads but thrilled I did. The Dasequin was too hard to crumble and I saw no improvement at all. My dog is literally running again and jumping back on the couch (not sure that’s a good thing lol) but thank you! Wonderful product. It’s incredible how well he’s doing. I swear by this stuff!!!”

– Stephanie R.

“I have a 9 ½ year old GSD. He is healthy, but we did notice he was getting a little slower moving around and going upstairs. We tried him on 2 other products and they seem fine but we switched to this product and he is acting like a puppy. We have a 3 year old GSD and he keeps up with her too. So invest in this product. You will not be disappointed and it’s for your fur baby.”

– Luke C

“After a yr on Vetprofen 2x’s a day I started our big guy/old man (13.10 yrs old) on these, along with the probiotic almost 2 wks ago. He LOVES them, think they’re treats! Started seeing a difference in his mobility in about 3 days! Have started weaning him from his Rx drug. Have already ordered more… don’t want to run out! =)

AGAIN!! I HAVE to add my 2 cents! My coonhound/ridgeback will be 14 years old in 14 days. Although he will never act like a young pup again (he IS old, especially for such a big boy) but he has started exploring again. He had been on a scrip of Vetprofin for quite a while. He is now completely off and taking on the hip and joint “treat” along with the probiotic. Noticed a difference in him in only 3 days! I have since started giving my 9.5 yr old Bostie a daily dose of “treats” also. He broke his elbow when he was 6 mos old, still has the pins. Has never slowed him down, run, run, run, but… his nights no longer end with a limp. My boys, Tyson and Odie in their younger days.”

– Paula E.

“My 11 year old Maltese was having severe joint and spine pain. Within a week of taking this he is happy and playful. He was to the point of whelping every time he shook his head from neck pain. Not one yelp in weeks. Thank you so much for this. Not sure of what it all does but it seems to be helping my sweet boy.”

– Anglea M.

“This appears to be helping my 14 yr old with arthritis of the elbow and weakening hips. Took about a month or so to kick in. I have her on various supplements but didn’t really see any improvement until over a month on this hip and joint supplement. Am starting our 3rd bottle. Thank you!!”

– Sharon B.


– LindaLou B.

“This is a phenomenal product! It helped my elder dog Hershey. She’s 13 with arthritis in her elbows, knees, and hip dysplasia in both hips. She couldn’t move without screaming in pain. Now she walks, plays and is in amazing spirits all because of this formula!! Thank you so much!!”

– Kristen C.

“I bought his and I see a huge difference with my dog! Definitely give it a try for your fur babies!! I’ll be reordering soon!!”

– Gina S.

“I started my 9 ½ year old GSD on this a couple months ago. It’s made a huge difference in her. She has hip dysplasia and did not want to go out for walks anymore. Now she is pestering me a couple times a day to go out. I have a hard time getting her to turn around to go home.”

– Gwynn T.

“This definitely works great. My 9 yr. Old 95 lb. lab was starting to show symptoms of joint pain and stiffness. She’s back to running like a young dog again.”

– Thomas H.

“After my schipperke had ACL surgery we had her on this and it worked better than anything! Highly recommend…”

– Janet C.


You may be wondering…

“Are these real stories? This sounds too good to be true.”

The good news is YES…


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And these amazing stories continue…

“I bought this for one of our old dogs that was having a very hard time getting around. I took him to the vet and he was put on pain medication but he still wasn’t moving much better. So I bought this after seeing the ad. I’m absolutely amazed in the improvement of Junior’s mobility. He’s now able to climb the stairs, run around and I swear he’s now smiling. I just ordered 3 more bottles for him and another of our old dogs (we take in old dogs and give them their “forever” home). I promise you. I’m telling you the truth. This medicine is incredible!!! I’ve even stopped giving Junior his pain medication.”

– Joan P.

“This product is awesome! It gave my 14 y.o. yellow lab her quality of life back. Early Dec she had an arthritic flare up. She couldn’t put weight on one hind leg & I literally was having to lift her to get up to go out. I ordered VetSmart & started her on it 12/11. By the end of the week she could get up & down with minimal assistance & now is totally independent. She’s even been able to resume her nature walks of ~45’ on varied terrain. Her eyes are bright & she’s once again enjoying good health. I’m so grateful for this product! It gave my dog back!”

– Joy S.

“I bought this a month ago and I’ve seen improvement in my Shepherd/Retriever mix. She has arthritis in front shoulder diagnosed with X-rays and I noticed her back end is getting that way. She has been on Rimadyl for 8 months. I’ve been able to use just the VetSmart every day instead of the Rimadyl which is what I hoped to do. She is more active outside and I will continue to use this product!!!!!”

– Lisa B.

“Our 10 yr old lab-pit mix started slowing down, and we noticed he couldn’t jump up on the bed or chair and wouldn’t take stairs. Concerned, we began researching options. We tried baby aspirin, glucosamine, and heat treatments. While on FB one night, I saw this ad. We ordered a bottle that night, received it 3 days later. Started him on it Nov 17th. This morning, it’s colder than most in southern GA and we expected him to be slow moving. Instead, he was running through the house with his ball, jumping up on various furniture while he played. The only thing different we’ve done is started using this product. He even enjoys eating them. Sits and waits patiently twice a day! He is a new dog!!! Amazing. Thank you so much for this product.”

– Judi A.

“This stuff is legit! It brought back my puppy!”

– Brooks L.

“I bought one bottle a month ago for my Rhodesian Ridgeback who has a shoulder injury that causes her to limp at times. She is 6 years old and plays hard. The only thing that would help her was a steroid shot. By the end of the evening she always would be limping. I have to say after her being on it for a month she has not limped at all in the last 2 weeks. I went ahead and ordered 8 more bottles to keep her on it and also start my Lab on it for good measure. Thank you for his product. It truly has made a difference!”

– Leslie H.

“I can’t thank you enough for making a product that actually works to help older dogs. I never write reviews, but this time, I had to share the good news. I have tried so many different products over the years. Yours is the first I feel really has helped my furry friends.”

– Candiss F.

“I bought this and I see a huge difference with my dog! Definitely give it a try for your fur babies!! I’ll be reordering soon!!

Love this product.”

– Gina S.

“This is amazing stuff! Just started my 10yr old Dobie with arthritis on it and she is so happy and feels so much better!”

– Michele F.

“Okay, my dog has been on this product for just a little over a week, and we can see a lot of improvement, in fact, she is instigating play with our other boxer, she’s not able to stand up and box, but she’s feeling frisky and had a burst of running short distances, something she’s not been able to do for over a year, we are very pleased with your product!

The stuff is amazing!! Rosie couldn’t run normally, she sort of ran like a rabbit, today, she was running after Vito and doing a normal gate, I’m so pleased with this product!”

– Nancy K.

“We started our 7 year old Boxer on this. He has a VERY sensitive stomach so we started him on one tab daily and have worked up to one tab twice daily. His recommended dose is 2 tabs twice daily. Nonetheless, we have seen quite the improvement in the ease with which he gets up as well as his desire to play! Thankfully, no stomach issues noticed either!”

– Natalie C.

“Thank you Pet Wellness, for being so kind for explaining it all, and thank you for your wonderful product, I was wrong for thinking that there was nothing better out there then what I had been buying for years. Heidi my oldest Aussie was walking slow as a turtle, I thought it was her best because of her leg operation almost 2 years ago. I cried of joy seeing her walking so fast with me, I hardly could keep up with her. I have 3 Aussies, they are all healthy, but will put them on Pet Wellness also, just to make sure they’re getting a head start. I am so grateful, thank you. A very happy customer.

Pet Wellness, one word… is the Bomb. I just couldn’t be more pleased, nor happier for what it has done for my 3 Aussies, they will never be without Pet Wellness.”

– Pia F.

“All pet owners should check these products out… help you older dog with pain relief.”

– Rose M.

“You all… we use this with our furry girl who has hip dysplasia. It works wonders! Highly recommend!”

– Susan S.

“Amazing… God Bless”

– Gradford S. 

“My baby went from barely walking to running down the hallway in short bursts… only been taking this for about a week… amazing!!”

– Tara D.

“My vet was amazed in the difference in my 12 year old lab, Sadie, after only one month on the Green-Lipped Mussel VetSmart Formula. I just got my Probiotic formula this week to add once a day. We were not able to take walks for over a year because of her spinal and foot joint arthritis. She has her normal gate back for walks and is now able to get up the two steps to the porch without help and encouragement. She’s like a new dog. I’m so grateful for this formula. Thank you.”

– Jocelyn T.

“We started our big 110 lb, 10 yr. old yellow Lab, Teddy, on VetSmart one week ago. He has arthritis and was limping quite badly. He’s on pain meds and antibiotics, which seem to make little to no difference. Yesterday my husband got back from a walk with Teddy and asked me whose dog this was! He said he had no trace of a limp and was bounding around the snow like a puppy! I’m in tears with thankfulness for this product!!!!!”

– Cheryl S.

“I replaced all of my dogs supplements with just this. She takes them just like treats! It’s only been a few days but she has stopped limping and has no trouble getting on and off the furniture. I will update as we have more information. She is also receiving laser treatments and has her last one this week.”

– Linda T.

“I got this for my 12 yr old bichon. She had cruciate ligament surgery and still was not walking right months after her surgery, I started her on this and in just 2 weeks she is walking so much better, so thank you for developing this product.”

– Patricia F.

“I purchased this approximately one week ago and immediately started giving it to my 120lb, 7yr old German Shepherd. He was diagnosed with arthritis in his hip and shoulder, poor baby was having trouble getting up, and very stiff at times, it really broke my heart to see him in pain. In the 1 week of use, twice a day, I have seen a major improvement, he is getting up with no hesitation and not stiff or limping. Thank you Pet Wellness for a great product. We are both happy and ready to play again.”

– Geraldine W.

“I have ordered the third bottle of the supplement. I have really seen a difference in Al. He is walking much better and is happy and playing with his toys and being a wiggly butt. Almost back to his usual self. So glad I found this supplement.”

– Janet E.

“Started my boy Carson on these two days ago he is ten and 100 lbs giving him 3 tabs a day he loves them hope these help expecting it to take a while to notice, he has arthritis in his shoulder and walks with a limp, I am a pet sitter and I will recommend to my clients!”

– Sharon L.

“I bought this about a month ago for our 13 year old male Pom who has occasionally had problems with stiffness and sometimes limped after he had been laying for a while. He seemed to be slowing down too. Since taking this twice daily I can say that I have seen improvement in him. Mikko seems happier and feels better.”

– Debra M.

“I purchased the joint supplement to help my 7 year old shepherd mix after she recovered from an ACL surgery but when my 3 year old pit started limping around, irregularly, I split the bottle with her too. OMG I cannot believe the world of difference this has done for them both! My shepherd runs the back yard as if she’s a pup again and my pit can now chase her, OR BE CHASED, by her sister and NOT limp afterwards! It’s only been a couple of weeks too! So I just purchased the 3 bottles in bulk to help save but this should help in savings but the reward I get to see in my girls in regards to the results is truly priceless! This is GREAT STUFF!!!”

– Cindy M.

“We purchased for our cocker spaniel who is thirteen. She laid around and couldn’t go up our stairs. She now is a different dog. She goes up stairs and will chase other animals that enter our yard. It helped our dog so much. So grateful we tried this product.”

– Carol Y.

“I love this stuff our 2 dogs we have a doxie that had 2 surgeries on his back. He somehow twittered it again and couldn’t stand on his back legs. Since we bought it mostly for our bullmastiff with arthritis he is also doing better. So I decided to give it to the doxie and guess what he can stand on his back legs and walk a little. Each week he is getting better. This stuff really works. Best stuff ever!”

– Patty T.

“I just got my order last night. (fastest shipping ever) I ordered it Sunday and got it Tuesday. I don’t know it it is just me but I gave my dog two tablets last night and she woke up not limping today. I am so excited to see how she reacts to this after having it in her system for a few weeks.

I do want to say that the personal touch that Russ adds by emailing us buyers letting us know what to expect is amazing. I hope this helps my girl and if so, I will be a buyer for life.”

– Missy L.

“I love PET WELLNESS this product has totally made a different in my German Shepherds LIFE she is a different BABY going on 13 years old and was starting to have back joint hip problems and has only been on this for 2 months and is doing GREAT.”

– Brenda A. 

“My 12year young pitty Kayla is wagging her tail again and moving around noticeably better, on my second bottle.”

– Pam D. 

“My boxer has been on this for 3 weeks and is moving soooo much better — THANK YOU!!!”

– Sandra W.

“Cooper is doing so much better with movement! What a difference. Thank you!”

– Joan L.